Our Projects

Sani Resort

Cleaning and stripping works in a hotel in the area of ​​Halkidiki.

  • ✓ Removals, removals in bungalows – Non-bearing structural elements
  • ✓ Removals, removals in the common areas (central building) – Non-bearing structural elements
  • ✓ Removal of parts of the load-bearing structure on first-floor terraces (inverted beams, existing slab, etc.) – pre-extension work
  • ✓ Complete or partial removal of load-bearing structural elements (pillars, etc.)
  • ✓ Removal of other structural elements (architectural overhangs, canopy, etc.)
  • ✓ Removal of existing room materials (gravel, thermal insulation materials, etc.)
  • ✓ Removal of existing roofs on a sloping concrete slab
  • ✓ Removal of existing pergolas in the surrounding area
  • ✓ UNINTERRUPTED cutting
  • ✓ Demolition of a section of a ground floor room including the roof on the face of this section.
  • ✓ Complete removal and removal of a room on the floor of a Bungalow
  • ✓ Demolition and removal of a four-bed roof (to form a roof)
  • ✓ Demolition and removal of sections of external staircases of bungalows
  • ✓ Demolition and removal of existing surrounding stone walls, including the bearing infrastructure
  • ✓ Removal of existing rocks
  • ✓ Removal and removal of existing outdoor pool showers
  • ✓ Removal of pitched roofs Lobby Main Building
  • ✓ See Breeze ceiling section removal
  • ✓ Demolition work in the rooms of the Bungalows and main building (removal of asphalt sheets, pumice concrete slopes, cement screeds)
  • ✓ Additional stripping works in the main building: cutting elevator walls, lobby, inverted Byblos beam, spa flooring