About Us

Demolition, Dismantling, Collection and Transportation of Debris

GREENDEM is a demolition company based in Athens that operates throughout Greece.

It employs highly trained staff consisting of Engineers and Technicians with extensive experience in this field.

The main and primary concern of our company is to provide our services and excellent technical expertise with a special focus on the safety of both our workforce and third parties, by taking the necessary employment measures and securing each project with insurance policy covering civil liability as well as employers’ liability.

Our company aims at the cooperation with individuals, consultants, supervising engineers and construction companies, whether work involves a small-scale or a large-scale project.

The name of our company GREENDEMolition is also its definition that reflects our philosophy about environmental management. We sort out and recycle dismantling products in accordance with regulations. At the end of the project, we provide you with a disposal certificate of recycling products.


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