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Hotel Icos Oceania, in Nea Moudania, Chalkidiki

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Cleaning and Stripping work at the hotel located in Halkidiki in the area of ​​Nea Moudania.

  • ✓ Removing the railings to be replaced
  • ✓ Removal of carpet and floor cement to form a new level (Ouranos Lounge & Play Room)
  • ✓ Removal of all frames to be replaced
  • ✓ Removal of railings around the premises
  • ✓ Removal of ceramic floor and wall tiles without the cement mortar
  • ✓ Removing ceramic floor tiles with cement mortar
  • ✓ Removal of sanitary ware and faucets
  • ✓ Removal of existing finished garbillomosaic floor and removal of removal products
  • ✓ Removal of concrete paving slabs and removal of demolition products
  • ✓ Removal of decorative paving stones of existing road beds
  • ✓ Removal of a section of road pavement
  • ✓ Removal of a roof with a wooden visible frame
  • ✓ Removal of wooden roof tiles
  • ✓ Removal of a tiled roof from a wooden frame to a reinforced concrete eaves
  • ✓ Removal of eaves from reinforced concrete with undisturbed cutting method
  • ✓ Removal of marble parapet roof
  • ✓ Removal of boulders