Undisturbed Cutting of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry

   By ensuring the safest methods of undisturbed cutting of reinforced concrete and masonry (bricks, concrete blocks, stonework), GREENDEM is now able to guarantee excellent application when dismantling balcony roofs, stonework, when opening exterior frames (doors and windows) as well as in the interior of a building, e.g. stairs, fireplaces, chimneys, elevator.

The pros of undisturbed cutting are the following:

  • Precision cut up to millimetres
  • No induced vibrations that would have a negative effect on the building statics
  • The surfaces on which we apply the cut remain smooth and as a result there is no need for any subsequent extra repairs
  • Total absence of dust and annoying sounds, which means that there is no need to evacuate the area especially when this is the main residence

Following your invitation, we look at the space and the available demolition studies - if any - and we then submit to you a detailed costing for the work involved, including labour, social security contributions and collection, a flat-rate amount without hidden costs.

Our company undertakes in writing to comply with the agreed project completion times.